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Like Among Us, Town of Salem challenges players' abilities to read people and detect lies. Among Us: Online Edition is a stealth and adventure game created by fans of the famous and acclaimed Among Us! Take the role of an impostor who has . - Polygon Five best PC games like Among Us · 1. Town of Salem - The Coven. W aves are born, build . ph Unfortunate Spacemen features a similar sci-fi, dangerous setting. It is a semi-cooperative Sci-Fi horror game where you and your other . 7 Best Online Games to Play With Friends - CNET Is Among Us multiplayer game safe for children? - Internet . The full music I made for Among Us promo is officially on Spotify! Oct 19, 2020 — Eight fun party games you can play over Zoom with friends . Deceit. Stowaway is a find the impostor style game set in the 1500s on a pirate ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier . This new Steam game is just Among Us except you're a duck Games Like Among Us for Nintendo Switch Best space mobile games Imposter games: the best social deduction games like Among Us Among Us (stylized in the Apple App Store as Among Us!) is an online multiplayer science-fiction/social deduction murder mystery game created by Innersloth . Set in the 1920s, the game revolves around murder mystery and drama. ; Released. Each player must . Would it be . What is good . The best games like Among Us: seven of the top social . One of the game modes in the sixth pack is called Push the Button which places you onto a ship that has been infiltrated by alien imposters who . Dread Hunger, an Among Us-style game, leaves . Sandstorm Studios Inc. In this game we are presented with 3 possible maps: a forest, a laboratory and an asylum. 15 Games Like Among Us That Will Test Your Wits - KeenGamer 11 Betrayal Games Like Among Us - Find Me Similar The best games like Among Us: seven of the top social deduction and imposter games · A meeting in a cabin in Project Winter · Project Winter. Among Us 2022 Roadmap | Innersloth 5 Board Games Like Among Us | Video Game To Tabletop Games Like Among Us to Try Out with Your Friends - Twinfinite The entire structure of the game is the same: You and up to 15 other players are on a maze-like ship and have to complete different tasks in . Best social multiplayer games to play at home 2021 - Android . 7 Online Games Like 'Among Us' That Will Leave You With Trust Issues · 1. Among Us is a multiplayer game published by InnerSloth with production assistance by PuffballsUnited, creator of the Henry Stickmin Series. 8] ; Find highly rated results: Pummel Party [SteamPeek Rating: . Among Us - Wikipedia 5 best PC games like Among Us - Sportskeeda Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game from developer InnerSloth, similar to Mafia or Werewolf. Town of Salem · 2. Among Us is a social game set aboard a . Not entirely like Among . Platform: PC ; Town of Salem. This game is a multiplayer game for local . Here you have to become part of a brave team on board a powerful ship, . (Are you following this?) Teams consist of crewmates and imposters, . Among Us: Online Edition - Miniplay It's a tactical espionage mystery game from developer Innersloth that you can play with others both locally and online. 3. 18 Great Imposter Games To Play If You Like Among Us . - Scary Mommy Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing . You're playing a game about a crew of people in a spaceship in outer . 000 downloads, we find Betrayal. Werewolf Online · 5. Throughout the gameplay, the player, . 7 Online Games Like 'Among Us' That Will Leave You Sus 5 games similar to Among Us for Android Secret Hitler makes the list of board games like Among Us because it is probably the most enjoyable title out there about figuring out who the traitors are. Project Winter · 3. Werewolves Within · 3. Project Winter is an 8 person multiplayer game focusing on social deception and survival. Best Games Like Among Us 2022 - Gamer Tweak A small team of sloths Games: @AmongUsGame, @AmongUsVR & The Henry Stickmin . An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players. Have Among Us Fatigue? Try These 7 Video Game Alternatives 12 Best Games Like Among Us that are Just as Fun to Play Among Us online is a fascinating project that is full of various events and intrigues. com Board Games Like Among Us | 12 Best Social Deduction Games 15 Games Like 'Among Us' Your Favorite . Stowaway on Steam New on Steam: First Class Trouble, Like a 3D Among Us, But . These include quests, as well as a number of mini-games like . Betrayal. 38 Great Games Like Among Us - 3DS and 2DS, Android, Mac . Games like Among Us: 10 titles to have you feeling sus Among Us! on the App Store - Apple Dread Hunger on Steam Save 25% on Among Us on Steam Top 12 Games Like Among US That You Need Know 10 Fun Games to Check Out If You Liked Among Us - Spot. io, Werewolf Online, Secret Neighbor, Hidden in Plain Sight,. looks just like everyone else and will sabotage the ship, . Barotrauma · 4. 5 Best Deception Games Like Among Us - GameSpot AMONG US MEETS SEA OF THIEVES AND SURVIVAL . Eight Explorers path their ship through the unforgiving Arctic. Unfortunate Spacemen is a game about a group of astronauts who must escape an isolated outpost by completing their tasks and defeating . · 2. 15. AMONG US But on a PIRATE SHIP! - Stowaway - YouTube With more than 500. Download Among Us for Android - Free - 2022. There are tasks, . Garry's Mod · 5. Unfortunate Spacemen plays very similarly to Among Us itself, and sees a group of players trapped in a space station and forced to complete . Deceit is a multiplayer first-person shooter title by Baseline built on the similar elements of social deduction as Among Us. io, a game that is based on the same concept of Among Us, but it is much more difficult to . Among the crew, two traitors call on dark powers to . As small as 3% is, it has a pretty big impact on WSs like Stringing Pummel . Hidden in Plain Sight · 7. Play Among Us online - Google What are the best impostor games like Among Us? - Quora The latest Tweets from Among Us (@AmongUsGame). The game has a simple setup: ten people are stuck on a spaceship, and must perform a variety of tasks, from repairing the ship's vital systems . Unfortunate Spacemen · 8. Players will have been paying attention to the behaviour of others in the game to try and figure out who the impostor on the ship is. Players find . Knight Squad 2 has a gameplay similar to “Among Us”. Spyfall · 6. If you haven't heard of this one yet, then you've probably been living with your head buried in the sand. ✦ made of 1 bone ✦ PC, mobile, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and @AmongUsVR ✦ By @InnerslothDevs ✦ Merch: . Nov 6, 2020 ; Summary. A rather clunky-looking but free-to-play game in our lineup of best games similar to Among Us, Deceit – like Unfortunate Spacemen – is also played from the . Project Winter on Steam 7 Best Games like Among Us to Play w/ Friends - Dragon . Triple Agent · 5. The best games like Among Us on Switch and mobile - Pocket .

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Game Details - Among Us Wiki - Fandom I have not played among us, but there is a bit of that vibe with a new one coming to KS soon called #Mission Catastrophe. Likewise, the gameplay revolves around betrayal and murder, but there're . Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. Best of all, up to 15 players can join in, making it . A ship in the Arctic is a good setting for an Among Us 'em up The ship has to be one of the oldest games in town. in space! Play online with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, . However, one of the players is an impostor intent on . Free w/ ads, IAPs at Google . From Among Us to Jackbox Party Packs, these are the best games to play online. Explained: What is Among Us? - - Webwise 1 Games Like Among Us! for Xbox (2020) - GamesLikee Prepare to have your friendships tested in the ultimate social party game, Among Us! Jump straight into fixing ships (or murdering Crewmates!) with now. Space Station 13 has a similar theme and a bit more layers to the story. The perfect game to back-stab your friends. Town of Salem · 3. Secret Neighbour · 6. Like Among Us? Here are 6 board games you should play Some Games Like Among US: Deceit, Project Winter, Town of Salem, Betrayal. Yes. The title is people Pirates where players take turns to be captain of the ship, trying to combine everyone home facing all sorts of multiple hazards like . Taking place on a spaceship, . Deduce or deceive to make it to the end. Fans of Among Us who are looking for a game that's more realistic can check out Dread Hunger. In its online version, “Among Us” is a multiplayer murder mystery game set in outer space. The Imposters in the game have to secretly sabotage the tasks on the ship and kill the Crewmates before they finish their tasks. . 8 Fun Games Like Among Us In 2022 - TechShout Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. For PC gamers who enjoy multiplayer games with a bit of intelligence, intrigue and ingenuity, The Ship is a murder mystery alternative to traditional FPS . Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game · Unfortunate Spacemen · Betrayal at House on the Hill · Town of Salem · Coup · Deceit · One Night Ultimate Werewolf . Barotrauma is a unique take on the betrayal genre – it is a side scrolling game set in a submarine inside Europa's ocean. Other, less complex alternatives include Hide Online and Town of . 14 Best Games Like Among Us - TechNewsToday Top similar games like Among Us - SteamPeek One of the biggest FPS sandbox games of all time Garry's Mod, affectionately referred to as Gmod by its players, is an all-in-one source for . Among Us has been a very popular game since 2020. in space! 12 Best Games Like Among Us to Play with Friends in 2021 The Ship: Murder Party on Steam Publisher. Casual gamers can enjoy it easily. 20 Best Among Us Mods for 2022 | HP® Tech Takes Top 10 Online Games Like AMONG US To Play in 2021 Nms first wave exotic not spawning. X's luxury 1920's cruise liner and play the most dangerous game of all: manhunt! Unlike other impostor games, . This map looks a lot like a map from your favorite game, with tasks that are all Brawl Stars-based. It . Among Us: Other Social Deduction Games That Capitalize On . Subterfuge: . 30 Best Games Like "Among Us" You Need To Try In 2022 Real-life 'Among Us' gets kids off screens - and into teamwork AMONG US but It's a Arctic SURVIVAL GAME?! - YouTube The 30 Best Multiplayer Games - Popular Mechanics New on Steam: First Class Trouble, Like a 3D Among Us, But Onboard a Cruise Ship Where You Can't Tell Fellow Players from Killer Androids . It's also set in space and . And 2 of them will be the imposters or aliens, . gg. Among Us is a game that pits friends against each other, testing their faith and trust in the blink of an eye. Lie, disrupt and deceive your way through the ship among the residents to . Senior Product Designer - Sonali Agrawal Top Android Games Like Among Us | BlueStacks Play Among Us Online for Free on PC & Mobile | now. Deceit · 4. 10 Games To Play If You Like Among Us - TheGamer First Class Trouble is a party game where players must work together and . Among Us is set in space, where you're either a crewmate or an impostor. The Ship: Murder Party · 2. Among Us - Apps on Google Play Best Games Similar to 'Among Us': · 1. Werewolf Online · 5. io · 4. Among Us? Horror? But think about it. 14 Best Games Like Among Us - top10gameguides. First Class Trouble on Steam Happy New Year, Crewmates!! We're excited to be back at work on our ship, and that means some exciting plans for 2022. 50 Games Like Among Us 15+ Games Like 'Among Us' Your Favorite Gamer Won't Find 'Sus' · 1. Project Winter · 3. io is an Among Us clone with a few interesting ideas up its sleeve. Among Us (@AmongUsGame) | Twitter 50 Games Like Among Us ; Untrusted · 72 · Logo of Untrusted Play Video: Untrusted ; Suspects: Mystery Mansion · 89 · Logo of Suspects: Mystery Mansion Best Games Like Among Us ; Project Winter. The board game Nemesis takes place on a big ship consisting of many rooms and corridors. This was mostly due to the fact that people were stuck in their homes and had nothing to do. Dread Hunger is an 8-player mix of survival game and hidden role game about trying to sail through the Arctic without starving, freezing, . 100 Players Among Us mod. The game is a . gg Betrayal. 15 Games Like Among Us You Need To Check Out - Looper Best Games Like Among Us [Ultimate 2022 List] - GamingScan Genre: Shooting video game/Fighting game. The Early Access social sabotage game has . No Mans Sky The Game and Among Us Nms exotic ships max slots Eighth issue of . . 12 Best Games Like Among Us You Can Play in 2022 | Beebom Like Among Us, Jackbox Party Pack 6's Push the Button is a social deception game that supports 4-10 players. Platforms: PC, macOS, Android, iOS ; Unfortunate Spacemen. Deceit · 2. During the discussion . A game of teamwork and betrayal . The game was inspired by the party . Barotrauma · 4. In “Among Us,” crewmates aboard a spaceship must work together to uncover the impostor(s) sabotaging their vessel and murdering teammates. Platform: PC. Project Winter · 2. Easy-to-play: the game relies on simple buttons and interactions to perform all of its actions. Has the feel of running around the . Video Game / Among Us - TV Tropes Now, this may seem a little absurd. 29 Among Us is a strategy game where crew-mates prepare their space ship for launch by completing tasks. 9 Board Games Like Among Us Innersloth (@InnerslothDevs) | Twitter Best Games Like Among Us you can play right now - TalkEsport Best Games Like Among Us - YouTube Secret Neighbor · Unfortunate Spacemen · Deceit · Town of Salem · Project Winter · Dread Hunger · In Silence · The Ship: Remastered. A game of survival and betrayal. Secret Hitler · 3. 1. All aboard Mr. . Enemy on Board is a perfect alternative to Among Us, where you're on a spaceship with 7 others. Top 5 best games like Among Us in 2021 - Geekymint Among Us is a Casual, Adventure, Survival, and Multiplayer video game developed by Innersloth for multiple platforms. 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